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The web has so many blogs that you might be asking yourself why the need for another one. As much as this is true, there is something about humans that sometimes defies logic.

If you and I write the same topic for a  blog post and we gave it to the same person to read, they may understand one blog post much better and faster than the other.

For this one reason alone, if you are thinking of starting a blog but haven’t done it yet, you should consider doing so right now.

This is because our understanding of thing differs greatly. With Tips Galore your understanding of subject matters as it concerns blogging will be made much easier.

And so topics that you are familiar with will be presented in an entertaining and enjoyable manner and that means you won’t be bored reading the blog posts.

 My name is Abiye Warmate and I am a blogger and internet marketer. 50 and still strong and enjoying life doing what I love doing-blogging. Blogging is all about writing-writing content that people can read and learn from.

With Tips Galore my aim is to help those who have yet to start or have started their blogging journey a much easier way to understand all about the blogging world.

My hobbies are travel,music,movies and anything new that can interestingly spark my curiosity. Let me hear from you and don’t hesitate to read, follow and like my blog and also place a comment and a suggestion or two if you may. I would very much appreciate it.