When finding your next blog post topic is hard, repurpose your old posts


You are about to add a new post to your blog, but scouting for post ideas seems harder than you think. And you might be worried about it.

But because you are worried about what to post,

Don’t go thinking you have a writer’s block;

And don’t go thinking you will never get far in your blogging.

Getting stuck on what to write as topic for your next post is not comforting but perfectly normal.

It can happen and here is why?

Others are also doing it.

A whole lot of bloggers are out there dishing out blog posts to audiences and they are all going to write something on the very same topic you might be searching for. This situation can get you thinking,

So what more is there to write?

Considering that the statistics of blogs being created everyday is on the increase, there will always be a blog out there that will present the usual topics in a new way.

eau de parfum

 They are going to take an existing blog post and turn it  into  different formats. Simply put, the same existing content can be recycled and made to look different and presented differently. 

Remember, the world is still in need of good information that can

educate,inform and most importantly, solve problems. And however you choose to present that informaton, it has to make an impact.


The one problem people face

If there is one problem a lot of people face, that problem is finding the right  information that can meet their individual needs.

This is information that can 

a) really come close to the problem they are facing  and give them enough ideas they can use to work with, all on their own. Or,

b) information  that can point precisely to where the problem is and identify core issues they need to resolve.

If you have in the past written a blog post that you think was highly successful in offering value to your audience, then you can do something with it.

What you will do with it will save you the headache of having to write a fresh new topic. As you know, a fresh post always requires some amount of time and research.

But with your already written and posted blog content, you don’t need to do much. All you need to do is tweak it a bit by adding a little more updated information,

do some image changes if you like, and possibly add some media and then make it available in different formats.

This is what repurposing your blog post is all about. It is an “idle” yet efficient way of keep yourself busy on your blog when finding new topics to write about seems so hard.

Here is how it works

a) Take one of your already published blog post that is performing well. If you are using WordPress then you can click on the Blog Post tab as shown below.


b) Once you have done that you will see on the right side all the posts you’ve written and published. Look at the statistics below the blog post title and you will see the number of likes and comments.

As you can see in the image, below the blog title is the statistics of likes and comments. This is what you will look at when choosing the blog post you want to repurpose.

c) Fresh with the information on the number of likes and comments, you can now take out a post that has a high percentage of likes and follows and then start to repurpose it.

To do that click directly on post title or on the three dots to the right of the post image.

As you can see in the image, you can click directly on the post title to edit the post or click on the dots to the right and this will open up a menu list of things you can do with your post.

Click on the EDIT tab. This will open up the blog editor where you can start editing your post. Go through the post and add new and updated information. When you are done, you can click the publish button.

But is that all?

No. What you have done is update your existing post with new content, or as one article puts it, you are simply revamping your existing post.

Here is how revamping is described


Updating your existing post to make it relevant is okay, but now you need to repurpose it.

As said before, repurposing your existing content requires turning your most successful blog post into different formats.

Considering that the post you picked performs well, this means it has information that is of value. Why not share that information across different formats and reap the benefits?


What are the benefits?

You might be asking yourself of what benefit does repurposing an old existing blog content have. Here are some of the benefits

Sharing Value

If your old existing content has performed well, it still has value. This goes to show that you did a great job at informing your audience. You can share this value with newer and totally different audiences and the value it offers never changes.

More Traffic

Increase traffic and engagement to your blog by repurposing your old blog content. This is because once you make the post into different formats, it will serve different audiences. Different audiences translates into having different traffic sources to your blog.

Audience Engagement

Through repurposing you will come to understand audience engagement. This is where you will know what format your audience prefers the most. Do they like reading written content more or do they prefer visual or audio contents?

Understanding the benefits allows you to deploy content in different ways so as to get your messages to target a much wider audience. And since audience is traffic, you’d want to get as much of it as you can.

Here are some of the ways you can repurpose your content into other formats to increase engagement to your blog.

With your best performing content you can create

a slide presentation, a video, podcasts, webinars, infographics and ebook, and share them on social media or other appropriate channels. No matter what content you have, should you decide to repurpose them, these are some of the ways you can do that.

Having a well performing post deliver more traffic using various formats in the long run can turn out to be a great game changer. If your blogging efforts sees you in great shortage of new content, take some time out and repurpose your best performing already published post.

Let your best performing contents work for you in different ways.



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