7 Benefits of Guest Blogging and 5 reason why you should Guest Blog.

benefits of guest bloggingAs more and more people create blogs for various purposes, there is a rise in demand for blog traffic. 

Infact if you have joined any Facebook group for blogging you have most likely come across at one time or another, the question, “how do I get traffic to my site?”or “I am no longer getting traffic to my site what can I do?” being asked so many times.

This is because traffic it seems is not stable in character. One moment it increases and at other times it is low

and then in another moment, there is just no traffic at all.

And then you begin to wonder what you are doing wrong. The reason is, you simply need constant blog traffic.

So what have you been doing wrong?

                                         Probably nothing!

 But if you ask anyone why your blog is not attracting constant traffic, well some might tell you that,

You need to have published a certain number of blog posts to really get constant traffic and that,

You need to write consistently so as not keep your audience waiting and thereby losing traffic and that

You need to be writing quality blog posts that are also SEO friendly so as to gain much visibility in search engines,etc and so on. The list could go on and on.

But while all these reasons are helpful in understanding what you might or might not be doing wrong, the one question you need to ask yourself is, 

“What am I really doing to get blog traffic?”

Now there are so many ways to get blog traffic, but it happens that,most people use very few of them to ever bring traffic to their blogs.

Just remember that in blogging increase in the number of contents that you have, requires the need for more traffic.

And since audience is traffic, your blog  is tied down to how much you are doing to promote your newly published content to help bring in the traffic that you need. But in promoting your posts,

perhaps your focus is mainly getting them onto social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram, forgetting that

there are other channels of promotions other than social media since they are the most common content sharing social media platforms

Infact  an iab.net statistics reveals that about  87% of contents are promoted using social media channels.This goes to show that social media is extremely popular as a content sharing platform.

But is social media the only way to get blog traffic? No it’s not. There are so many other ways to bring traffic to your site and one of them is by Guest Blogging.


So how can guest blogging get you blog traffic?

Guest blogging is all about writing articles for someone else’s blog. Simply put, you create a good content which someone else puts on their blog site for the benefit of their audience.

Whatever the audience size, as a guest blogger, once you agree to a guest posting offer,

you’ll get a share of that blog’s traffic just for writing that post. This is because once the article is published,

it will have your name written on it as the author of the post. Alongside your name will be  included a short bio and a  few links (backlinks) that lead back your site  

and social media profile. 

By this act of guest posting alone, you have set out to get traffic for your blog site without much effort. This is because while you have your regular audience,

you are also sharing your knowledge and expertise with a new  audience. And sharing your knowledge and expertise like this has its benefits. 

Listed below are 7 benefits of guest blogging.

1) It puts you in front an audience that is not your regular audience       

2) It helps to drive traffic to your own  site by offering backlinks 

3) It helps to expand your blogging outreach. 

4) It can establish you as a blogging authority in your niche.

5) Through your guest posting efforts you earn respect and credibility 

6) It  can get you in front of the right people who may have guest blogging opportunities for you

7) Your guest posting efforts can bring you more visibilty

Why You Should Consider Guest Blogging

If you haven’t considered guest blogging yet, just know that it is another source of opportunity to get blog traffic.

But even though traffic is the main reason why you should consider guest blogging,it is not the only reason. 

If you were asked the question, “why you blog?” or “what made you start a blog?” your answer will be different from the answer someone else would give.

But the question “why do you blog?” means you are creating articles and publishing them to get traffic and readership. This requires you to write quality blog posts

that captures the attention of your audience and causes them to react or take action.

To create quality posts requires constant improvement in content creation. You just don’t want your next article to be one among many other posts that are out there. You want it to stand out and make the greatest impact you can imagine.

And for that reason you should consider guest blogging. But why?

Here are 5 reasons why

1) You can improve the quality of your content writing

When you write for a different blog and audience, you do your best to churn out a quality blog post that will satisfy the new audience. This is because a new audience is like a new testing ground in which to prove yourself. And the more often you guest post the more you improve your content writing skills.

2) You plan every blog better

 You know you are writing for someone else’s blog. This requires careful  planning on your part on how best to make the content you’re going to write appealing. 

3) You become more creative

Writing for others poses a challenge which you must face. This is because you are being entrusted to write a post that will be of value to a different audience. Failure to deliver the right content may affect future guest posting offers. This requires you to bring out your creative side to work for you.

4) It is a new learning experience

If you are seeking to improve the quality of your blog writing, then guest posting offers you just that. This is because writing for others, you see what they’re doing in their blogs and how they’re doing it. You see how they craft and organize their contents to address their audience. This gives you more than one ways to craft your next post.

5) You stay up-to-date

Guest blogging gives you a wide range of opportunities to interact with lots of people. And most of the people you interact with could be seasoned bloggers,influencers and people that always stay up-to-date with current trends.

With the knowledge acquired through guest blogging, you could easily stay up-to-date yourself and write more post that are trendy.

In Conclusion

With guest blogging you have another source from where to harness blog traffic because you are blogging for someone else. And that someone may just have a large following, larger than yours which you could use to your benefit.

Opportunities to guest blog for others isn’t lacking. More and more people get into blogging and their need to have a quality blog site that ranks well in search engines, will require

an enormous amount of quality content from bloggers like you.

Just remember  to always keep the quality of your content high when called upon to guest blog. Now over to you.

What do you think of guest blogging, is it a good source of blog traffic? Comment














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