4 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Thousands of blogs liter the internet daily and thousands more,

are being set up to be published.

Ask a blogger why they set up a blog and they most likely

will tell you that they want to make money with the blog.


It’s the keyword every blogger has attached to their creative writing efforts through their blogs.

If you’re a blogger and you have a blog all set up, then without doubt,

you are looking to make good money with it.

And in looking to make good money with it, you are going to do just about what every

other blogger is doing and that is;

1) You are going to write articles and put links on them.

2) You are going to place Ads on your blog site-usually on the sidebar,so

people will click them, and

3) You are going to use your blog to promote your own products or

other people’s products(affiliate products).

There’s a lot you can do with your blog.

And if monetization is what you REALLY aim for with your blog, then just know there are so many ways you can do that without limiting yourself to what every other

blogger is doing.

So how do you monetize your blog?

First understand what monetization means and how it can fit into your idea of

wanting to make money with your blog.

Monetization is all about finding a variety of ways or methods to earn money

with your blog.

If you have set up a blog and you want to monetize your blog, this means

that you are going to find different ways of making your blog make

money for you.

And to do that would mean monetizing it along the lines of the

PURPOSE of your blog. But what does this mean?

Ask yourself one question. For what purpose did you set up your blog?

Is it to make money or just to share your personal stories?

If you can answer these questions you will now have a clear idea

of what you want to do with your blog.

Let’s say you want to make money with your blog. So how do you do that?

Think of your blog for example, as a physical store

or shopping outlet that you just opened.You have given it a name say for

example, Joe’s Smartphone Repair.

When people see the name they already know what they expect to get once

they go inside Joe’s store.

And so the name you give to the shop and the products/services you sell

or offer must relate to each other.

The same goes with your blog.

If the purpose of your blog is to talk about how to repair smartphones,

then find a good blog name that relates to the purpose of your blog.

Once you have a name for your blog, then monetizing your blog means

finding ways to earn from it through creating contents that talk about

how to repair smartphones and placing related products, tutorials, dowloadable e-books, apps,etc  onto your site.

Once you understand this, then it makes your blogging much easier.

You may want to give your blog a fancy name or a name that is in no way related to the

purpose of your blog. But that purpose must be outlined in the ABOUT page.

The ABOUT page is important as it gives your audience a clear idea of what

content to expect from your blog.

So now that you are all set up to monetize your blog, think of the many ways you can do it. As always,when it comes to monetizing your blog, try as much as you

possibly can to keep it in line with the purpose of your blog.

This doesn’t mean you can’t add other contents that are not related.

Sure, it’s your blog and you can just about do whatever you like with it.

But then you have an audience whose attention you have taken or are taking in a certain direction.

If they are happy with what you are delivering and they follow you, it might shock them to see some unrelated content splashed at their faces. And soon believe it or not they will one by one disappear!

So what can you do to monetize your blog?

1) Sell products

If you want to sell products,you have enough ways of making money selling

them with or without holding large stocks of items. So you can sell

a) Your own products (physical),

b) Downloadable products such as e-books, apps and games,

c) Tutorials or e-books or guides that you have personally written.

d) Paid online courses that you personally prepare and which allows you to continue     teaching your audience.

2) Offer Services

You can make money with your blog by offering a service.If you are an expert

in your chosen profession, then you can offer a service in that area.

Examples of services you can offer based on your expertise could be:

translation service

copyediting and proofreading service

website design


wedding planning

Tarot card reading


3) Ad spaces

Placing Ads on your blog mean you are surely going to want to sign up for a Google Adsense account or other similar services such as this one.

While such services offer Ad placements from which you can earn from,you may also want to use your blog to offer Ads spaces to interested merchants to advertise their products or business.

4) Join an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are some of the easiest and perhaps the most common ways to monetize your blog.

Essentially an affiliate program is a way of earning by promoting other people’s


It is done by applying to a merchant program and filling out an application form on the merchant’s website.

Once the application is accepted, you can start promoting their products as an affiliate with the tools and resources that they provide you with.

To join an affiliate program in most cases means to go through an Affiliate network site.

 These are sites that act as intermediaries between an affiliate called the publisher and the merchant who is offering the affiliate program.

Affiliate network sites like CJ-Commission Junctionshareasale,etc all host large numbers of merchants on their network.

To work with a merchant who is also called an advertiser means to join the Affiliate network and then through the site apply to the merchant program that you are interested in.

Once you are accepted,you can start promoting the program as an affiliate and earn commissions from every sales that you bring to the merchant.


However you choose to monetize your blog, the important thing to bear in mind is making sure you do not steer away from the purpose of your blog.

This makes it much easier for readers of your blog to follow you and it also helps them gain access to more specific and detailed information that they may not get elsewhere.
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