The 10 Blogs Posts That Will Incite And Inspire You To Start Your Own Blog.

Going on a honeymoon_Inspiration? Yes we all need it! But sometimes you can’t find it and even if you do find one, it is not convincing enough to push you into doing what you really want to do.

Many people face this problem when wanting to start a blog. They can’t seem to find the necessary inspiration to make them want to create their own content.

The idea of wanting to start their own blog has come to them but then in most case, not finding a good enough reason to start , they shove the idea aside thinking it to be a waste of time .

In 3 tips, the motivation to start your own blog is there. In that post you are inspired to start a blog  no matter how undecided you are at doing so.

Just starting  without minding how well you’ll do or how well the blog will come out will inspire you  to keep on blogging.

If you are at a point in your life where you want to start your own blog or you have started blogging and need to get hold of some good inspiration, here is a list of 10 blogs that will inspire and motivate you to start blogging and to continue blogging.

1) The are so many topics you can write about but if you have to create a blog post, then what do you write about? In  51 types of blog post you can start using , the author  presents the audience with the many types of blog posts that’s possible to create.

And there is enough to write about. From hot trending topics to How-to posts, you can also write a review blog post or an education blog post and so on. This is a one post that should inspire you to create your own content.

2) Whether  you have started a blog or you’re just about to start, there is something to learn  from tutorials that give easy instructions on how to start a blog.

The step-by step guide on how to start a blog is written in simple non-technical easy to understand language and will help increase your knowledge and understanding of how to start your own blog.

3) If you have started a blog,now it’s time to fill it will content. Now let’s imagine you’ve just published your last post and you want to write your next one.

If you have run out of ideas, don’t worry  200 blog post ideas is  the post that can help you get some ideas on what to write next.

4) If you are thinking of turning your blog into a full-time job, then How I turned my blog into a full time job is an  interesting post to read. It is a questions and answer session the blog author has with 17 pro bloggers.

5) Okay so you’ve just read someone’s earnings report for the past month outlining how they earned XYZ amount and what they did to earn that amount of money  all from blogging.

Well if they can earn from their blog and publish an earnings report, you can too! And if you have ever wondered how they make money then this blog post  How does a blogger actually earn money? will help you understand what it takes to actually start earning with your blog.

6) If you want to earn from your blog one way of doing so is by niche blogging. Find a niche and start blogging, that’s how simple it is.

But this is not what you want. What you want is to get good traffic and make good money in whatever niche you are blogging.

7 blog niches that  get good traffic and make good money is a blog post that tells you to dump the myths surrounding niche blogging if you really want good traffic and make good money.

8) Click publish on a blog post means sooner or later people will find your blog postand then read it and comment, like or share it.

If you have clicked the publish button you must be waiting patiently for the numbers of likes and share and comments to grow fast.

But perhaps things are not happening as fast as you want them too. In How to craft a fail-proof blog post promotion strategy,the author  talks about the  80/20% rule.

80% stands for the amount of time you should spend promoting your blog and 20% stands for the amount of time you should spend writing posts.

What is needed to get the numbers is a fail-proof promotion startegy which the author guarantees will work.

9) Improving your writing and knowledge about blogging may sometimes require you to take courses and tutorials.

But the thing here is first you want to know if taking a course to improve your knowledge will cost you some amount of money or you can take it free.

If you want it free then 35+ free courses for bloggers is just right for you and covers topics such as selling on Amazon, virtual assitant, blog traffic and many more.

10) Finally hearing words of advice before you take a life changing decision is crucial in helping you make wise choices. Advice from 22 bloggers is a post that outlines the thoughts and advice  of 22 bloggers’s who wished they knew back when they started blogging, what they know now.

What incites and inspires always pushes you to do your best in becoming better at what you do. And your blogging must get better each and everyday that passes. It won’t happen in one day but with time it will happen.

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