Home Alone And Mommy Blogging

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For the stay at home mum, the home can’t be as boring as it used to be anymore. It has never been boring because it is home, the place to feel free and less concerned about life on the outside.

If the quietness at certain hours of the day was evident due to one partner-usually the man out all day working, now those quiet and sometimes boring moments for the stay at home mum, are necessary and useful for her blogging efforts.

When mother nature turns its attention on women, it gives them a good reason to stay at home. And the stay at home mom has a good reason why she can’t leave the house anytime she wants.

She has her kids and the house to take care of and this alone is enough for her. But then after the kids and the home, what has she got left? While she’s happy with her family, she also longs to be useful and productive in other ways. And while this is not happening, it makes her feel a sense of loneliness and sometimes bored.

Loneliness here doesn’t mean having the people you love far away from you. It can mean feeling productive but not being useful. It can also mean thinking that life has been reduced to parenting and keeping the home enviroment in order. It can also mean thinking that every other woman outside is making more progress in life than she the stay at home mum.

Such thoughts can lead the stay at home mum, while she has her family around her, feel the need to do something to prove herself. And to do that, the stay at home mum has started blogging such that it seems that blogging now runs legitimately through her veins.

Now more than ever, stay at home mums have become mummys that blog or “mommy bloggers” as they are popularly called creating a category of bloggers that are seemingly a world apart from other bloggers. So who are they?


Who Is the Mummy Blogger?

The figure of the mommy blogger is fascinating. She is the stay at home mum who on the one hand is parenting and on the other hand  is seeking her own personal growth and fuilfiment through the posting of contents. And the contents she posts talks much about life in the home environment.

The home environment for the mommy blogger is the movie set in which her life plays out. She can tell the story of her time cooking,cleaning and playing with the kids. When she is blogging about the home, she does it like she is on the set of a home reality show. So it’s all about the house, the family and how they live their daily life in and even out of the house.

Who Is Her Audience?

If the mommy blogger is finding enough satisfaction blogging about life in the home enviroment, the one question that needs to be asked is, ‘can she attract readership to her posts?’ What audience will most likely read her contents?

When an audience sets their eyes on a blog, they can quickly tell what niche category the blog falls into. Although not all blogs give the audience a precise indication, the mommy blogger unless she turns her blogging attention elsewhere, generally blogs about life in the home environment.

This means that her blog may simply fall under the lifestyle niche and could perhaps more precisely fall under the family and relationship niche. And so her audience generally speaking, would be

families with kids,

single parents,

child care,


education for the young and more.


Blogging Outside The Box

The mommy blogger is a resourceful person who doesn’t want her blogging to stop at the home front. She may decide not to blog about life in the home environment but blog about her passion for poetry, books,games or even take on a professional blogging challenges by creating content for a more professional audience. And she can even blog about how to make money online.

Whatever she decides to blog about doesn’t make her less of a mommy blogger. There is enough freedom of choice to focus on blogging about other things than about life in the home enviroment. And writing about other topics can be fun too.

Blogging And Parenting

Parenting can be fun but can also be hard as well, and taking care of young ones can also be stressful. In this kind of setting, blogging can sometimes be tiring too. The mommy blogger has found herself to be useful and while she delivers contents to her audience, she still has to struggle to meet the needs of  family members.

Caring for the young while blogging, needs a lot of determination, concentration and focus. And while the mommy blogger has the responsibility of caring for the kids, if she loses her attention on blogging, she may gradually lose interest and might want to give up blogging completely.

But the mommy blogger can also be a tireless blogger using the power of multitasking to help her achieve her daily scheduled tasks. She can post as many blogs as she wants within the week or limit the amount she posts. Blogs are being posted everyday so there is a readership that is always seeking fresh new content.

Like many other bloggers who are out there  offering contents that provide answers and helpful solutions, the mommy blogger can also play her part by being helpful and offer solutions through her  blogging efforts. The contents  that she creates talking about life in the home enviroment can be varied. In this she can reach out to different audiences too.


The Social Side

For the stay at home mum life in the home enviroment can be filled with the satisfaction of both watching over her young ones and at the same time blogging. Social media makes it possible to reach a wide variety of audience. It also allows the formation of  different groups. Socializing with other mommy bloggers can be a way of meeting and interacting  with other mommy bloggers.

So if as a mommy blogger you find yourself on for example  Facebook, you can try looking for other mommy bloggers in the various Facebook groups by typing in the search term “mommy bloggers” into the search box.  You can also do the same on other social media sites to see what is available.

For the stay at home mum, blogging is finally becoming a part of her everyday life. She can finally become useful in other ways apart from parenting. And she can take her blogging in whatever direction she chooses to. For those stay at home mums who have yet to embrace blogging, it may be the one thing that you should consider doing.

AfterallAfterall, with the internet and social media bringing much of life into the home enviroment, opportunities that were once sought, by going outside, can at the touch of a click be easily found. And so while you stay at home your blog might just be the opportunity someone else is looking for, as the solution to their needs.

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