5 Content Mistakes You Might Be making With Your Blog.


Bloggers are some of the most unsettled people online.They have a constant obsession with increase in readership of their posts.They constantly worry about likes and follows. Participation in social media isn’t a problem but getting engagement is still difficult.

Anxiety about posting a newly written content is also something that bloggers worry so much about. How will readership respond to the newly written post? Will it attract a lot of attention?

A blog is written with the best of intentions. It is written because someone has decided to offer a solution to solve a problem.If problems exists,solutions are always needed to solve those problems. And the blogger too has problems. The blogger needs solutions to help him with audience response.

The audience is traffic and the blogger need tons of it flowing to their blog. To say the truth, if there is no audience then there is no readership and once there is no readership,you and I have a blog that isn’t generating traffic,won’t generate traffic and will have some difficulty generating traffic.

Traffic to your blog is important if your blog must stand out as having a voice.When that voice is recognized,then likes and follows will flow in continuously. When you want traffic that comes in like flood, then the only way to do that is to focus your attention on the content that you create.

If you are going to get anywhere with your blogging and make the kind of audience that you want to make, then creating content that satisfies your readers is the best choice you can make. You can create content for any audience. And to say the truth, anyone can create content for any audience.

But then if that content is not making the audience respond then you might be facing some challenges that you may not know about. If you are worried about audience response then  here are five content mistakes you might just be making with your blog.

1) Not having a purposeful blog

A blog is set up for a particular purpose. For what purpose have you created your blog? Is it to share personal stuffs or to make money? Most people blog about personal stories without giving much thought to monetizing their content. While others from the start, create a blog for the purpose of monetization.

But for whatever purpose you decide to create a blog, you may need to ask yourself how helpful your content will be to your readers. Will it help solve a problem? Will it make them feel better? What value is it going to offer them?

Once you can answer these question you can then focus on making a blog with content that will be  helpful and useful to them.

2) Not having a great content

A great content almost always speaks for itself. Great content means creating a post that captures attention, that keeps readers staying long reading your blog post and in the end it leaves them feeling  better off than when they started reading  it.

The blog reading audience is constantly on the search for good content that can brighten up their day and if your content can do that, then you will make your audience happy while leaving them expecting more.

3) Not enough content

Creating a content means you are going to inform your audience and that means giving them information that will help them with whatever solutions or answers they are looking for. If you are going to give your audience content that will help them then you cannot give them half-baked contents and think they will  be satisfied with it.

Your audience wants more than that. They want content that will give them guidelines, step-by-step instructions and how to’s. Simply put,they want content with enough details and enough explanation.

4) Not Easy to follow or understand

Not just by creating content do you capture audience. If you want that to happen then you must also understand that your blog must be easy to follow and easy to understand.

What this means is that readers must be able to read your blog, from start to finish and fully understand what your blog is talking about. If people read your blog and can’t follow the content line or understand what you are trying to tell them, then it poses a lot

of difficulties for them.

5) Errors

Most often,the urge to get a blog post published quickly to gain traffic, can lead to most blogs being filled with spell errors, bad sentence constructions and so on. When a blog is full of such mistakes, the audience finds it difficult to discern what it is the blog is talking about. 

When great content can satisfy a content-hungry audience, then audience response is phenomenal. Traffic flow increases while the audience is not just the occasional one-time visitor, but the more steady and frequent visitor who trusts your content for the value it gives.This is what bloggers would like to see happen to their blog. But to see that happen would mean avoiding  the many mistakes that may leads audiences to desert your blog. 

What are your thoughts? Please share them below.



2 thoughts on “5 Content Mistakes You Might Be making With Your Blog.

    1. Thanks I’m sure you’re doing fine. You will find your focus and voice just keep doing what you are doing learning and making improvements along the way…


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